Can I ?

1. Jul 2017

Art is something I wanted to do early on, it hasn’t always been in the field of photography but I’ve always been artistically inclined, at least I think. Writing, singing, playing instruments since childhood. Photography started capturing my interest around ten or eleven years of age. I remember when my family would go on holiday-trips I would always be in charge of the camera, taking pictures, changing films, waiting so impatiently for them to be developed. So when I got the chance to study photography I jumped at the chance.

Fast forward a few years…

On January 30th 2016, I graduated from The School of Photography in Iceland after a five semester program. I was very proud when I along with my fellow classmates opened our joint graduation exhibition. On that day I felt so eager to get out into the “world”, create a name for myself in this field and show others what I was capable of doing.

After leaving the secure surroundings of the school it suddenly dawned on me that it was up to me, and only me: what was I going to do with this education, am I tough enough to be in this business, can I “fight” with the “big dogs”?

Well let’s see, I’m gonna try!

Love E